Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris

Art Paris

Stand F8

RX&SLAG will be present at the 26th edition of the Contemporary Art Fair "Art Paris", from April 4 to 7, 2024.

Find us on stand F8 for a group show, with artworks from Pascal Convert, Jean-François Fourtou, Vincent Gicquel, H.K. Kwon, Tamara Kostianovsky, Elger Esser, Christian Lapie and Herman Nitsch. 



RX&SLAG is pleased to present 8 artists who fit within the theme of Trace on a universal scale.

Through various mediums such as wood, glass, acrylic, oil, fabric, or resin, each artist draws from their culture and history to better understand humanity's journey in the pursuit of its own identity and spirituality.

Tamara Kostianovsky projects all human violence into her fleshly maps, highlighting the appropriation of territories and yet revealing a new form of societal life born from its ambivalences.

Pascal Convert narrates humanity's story through the crystallization of its books, reminding us both of its fragility and its insightfulness.

Elger Esser paints the portrait of an enigmatic nature marked by humans, where constructions and oceans meet and blend to question human nature and its inclination towards construction.

Christian Lapie portrays his figures like spiritual shadows, as does Vincent Gicquel with his characters that are part-human, part-ectoplasms, delving into the depths of being and soul. HK Kwon and Hermann Nitsch harmonize musical harmony on their respective canvases to find the right note of cosmic spirituality. And finally, like a guardian, Jean-François Fourtou's butterflies, symbols of hope and renewal, reconcile and harmonize this entire universe.