RX&SLAG Paris - New York

Art Brussels

Booth 5D-50

RX&SLAG will be present at the 2024 edition of Art Brussels, from April 25 to 28, 2024 at the booth 5D-50

For this 40th edition, RX&SLAG presents a selection of artists with a speech on the mark left by humanity.

Mark on territories, with the work of Tamara Kostianovsky, who depicts colonial impact through textile cartography of America and Africa, which mirrors the actual international conflicts about borders around the world. Mark on buildings and house, with Naomi Safran-Hon and her works that mix photography of buildings abandoned by human, concrete decorated with lace and barbed wire, also a reflection of the actual Palestinian and Israeli housing situation. But also mark on humankind, with the work of Vincent Gicquel, his characters painted with tortured faces, marked by various emotions in unrecognizable diluted environments. Pascal Convert presents books, one of the marks left by man after his passage on earth, and calcinate them, in order to show the impact of time and human upon this legacy. On another hand, H.K. Kwon let us imagine, paintings traces of what we interpret as landscapes.

But we see hope, light at the end of the tunnel. Hermann Nitsch’s works presented in this exhibition were created in another step of the cycle of life, marked by more peaceful time and the sculptures of Christian Lapie, although calcinated are still standing. All the artists presented for this edition of ArtBrussels propose in their artworks, subtle and soft ways to mend humankind relationship with our world.