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Rural America


Rural America

Susan Anthony's, "Rural America," provides an insightful window into the heart of upstate New York's scenic rural towns. Through her photography, she skillfully captures the enduring charm and picturesque beauty that characterizes these communities. By exploring the tranquil landscapes and rustic elements that define this region, Anthony's lens brilliantly paints a vivid portrayal of a way of life passed down through generations.

Through tranquil landscapes, peeling paint, and portraits of the residents, Susan Anthony photographs the serene beauty in the imperfect and in-disrepair. She focuses her lens on weathered paint, rusty watering cans, and mesh screens scattered throughout the scenery, effectively conveying the historical narrative and unique character of these towns. Through her discerning eye, these neglected objects transcend mere decay and emerge as poignant symbols of resilience and fortitude.

Furthermore, Susan Anthony goes beyond the physical aspects of the rural landscape to delve into the lives of its inhabitants. Her adept portraits intricately capture the very essence of the residents and their profound connection to the land. These portraits infuse life into the tranquil landscapes, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in a profound sense of community and tradition. Anthony's talent lies in her ability to convey the richness of interpersonal relationships and the stories etched onto the faces of the residents, thereby breathing life into the entire series.

Within the pages of "Rural America," one can almost hear the gentle whispers of the wind traversing the open fields and feel the rhythmic cadence of life that permeates these towns. Anthony's work serves as a celebratory homage to the pastoral American way of life, acknowledging the profound history deeply intertwined within the fabric of these communities. It serves as a poignant reminder of the imperative to preserve and cherish our cultural heritage.

Anthony’s photography resonates with an unwavering appreciation for nature, community, and the indomitable spirit prevalent in these towns. Through her lens, we are gently nudged to remember the significance of safeguarding our rural landscapes and cherishing the stories they hold.