3 artistes | 3 œuvres monumentales | 1 group show

Noireté | Group Show : 3 artists - 3 stories - 3 monumental works



From his emotional journeys, Joël Andrianomearisoa collects fabrics, which he cuts, knots, tears, overlays, weaves, and of which he assembles the fragments into a play of materials and stories.
Chronicles that are both sentimental and pictorial unfolded on these hangings-tapestries to the point of saturating the space and only being able to slip into it.

Is presented on the occasion of NOIRETÉ a monumental work made of 244 fabric petals with different colors and materials sewn onto black fabrics.



As one of the founders of the Wiener Aktionismus (Viennese Actionism movement), Hermann Nitsch, born in 1938 in Vienna, is one of the group’s most prolific artists.

Recognized around the world as the master of Austrian performance, the still active artist offers a total art of limitless sensuality, Dionysian and demonic.

Is presented on the occasion of NOIRETÉ a historical work from the 40th Action Painting at the Belvédère in Vienna - the last serie where Nitsch used oil paintings.



Lee Bae’s pictorial and abstract universe, focuses on the evocative power of the material.
When he arrived in France in the 1990s, he began to work with charcoal. This material, close to his own culture, is familiar to him.

Is presented on the occasion of NOIRETÉ an emblematic piece from the Issu du Feu serie produced between 1999 and 2003 – exhibited work from the Galerie RX collection.