Ivan Plusch is part of a generation of artists who were children when the USSR collapsed.   At this young age, he witnessed rapid social and economic changes in Russia during the 1990s.  His work is thus marked by the stigma of these changes, by the hard won right to freedom of expression, and by the relationship between an individual and society, which is at once liberating and alienating.  In this way, Plusch’s work goes beyond sociological observation. He reinterprets art history, from the canon of socialist realism, particularly its monumental sculptures, and integrates it into his paintings and installations.  Adept in multiple media, working in painting and sculpture, Ivan Plusch is a total artist whose work holds an important place in post-Soviet art.  Playing with optimistic images of the future but incorporating dismantled sculptures from the communist regime, Plusch questions the relationship between people and their environment on a larger scale.


Born in 1981, St. Petersburg, Russia; Lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Cité Internationale des Arts, Artist-in-Residency, Paris, France.

Cité Internationale des Arts, Artist-in-Residency, Paris, France.

St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design (former - V.Muhinoj), St. Petersburg, Russia.

Roerich Art School, St. Petersburg, Russia.



- Ivan Plusch : The Promise of Eternal Life, Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, USA

- Sticky Fingers Effect, Pop/Off/Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia

- Ministry of Love, Galerie RX, Paris, France

- On the verge' UVG Art gallery, Budapest, Hungary
- Between, Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, USA

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- Inside Rooms, AnnaNova Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
- Process of passing, First Cadets’ Corpus, parallel program Manifesta10, St. Petersburg, Russia.
- Illusions are scarier than reality, Gridchinhall, Moscow, Russia.
- Le déracinement métaphorique, Galerie RX, Paris, France.

- Relocation, Michael Anikushina Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

- Ivan Plusch: suite de 6, Carré d’Or, Monte Carlo, Monaco.
- Process of passing 3, Galerie Anna Nova Art, St. Petersburg, Russia.
- Process of passing 1, 2nd Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

- Before the rooster crows, Galerie Guelman, Moscow, Russia.
- Shibari translation (Infinity Cycle), Galerie Orel Art, Paris, France.

- Ideal radiation, Galerie XL, Moscow, Russia.
- NEWS, Galerie Orel Art, Paris, France.

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- Forward in the past, Galerie Lyda, St. Petersburg, Russia.

- O,sport-you are the world !, Galerie AL, St. Petersburg, Russia.
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- The memory of hero's live (objects), Art Project, Strelka, Moscow, Russia.

- Museum brends (installations), Galerie Navicula Artis, St. Petersburg, Russia.



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- Triumph of fun, Museum of Moscow, Moscow Biennale, Russia.  
- MANIFESTA 10, St. Petersburg, Russia.
- Galerie Opéra, Geneva, Switzerland.
- Season of wins!, Installation at the Moscow Manege, Russie.

- 5th Moscow Bienniale, Russia.
- Musée d’art moderne: le département du travail et de l’emploi, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Krimsky Val, Moscow, Russia.
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- New St-Pétersbourg , Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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- The space, Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.


- New Glass Review 37, The Corning Museum of Glass, New York, United States.

- Nominee for Strabag Art Award International, Austria.

- Laureate, Institut Français for the visual arts, Paris, France.
- Laureate, Sobaka TOP 50, Moscow, Russia.
- Laureate, Innovation, NCCA, Moscow, Russia.
- Nominee Strabag Art Award International, Austria.
- Nominee for the Kuryokhin prize, St. Petersburg, Russia.

- Nominee, Strabag Art Award International, Austria.

- Laureate, Moscow Prize, Cité Internationale des arts, Paris, France.


Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.
National Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.
Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Fondation la Triennale Di Milano, Milan, Italy.
Kunst im Rohnerhaus, Austria.
Lutherhaus, Wittenberg, Germany.