Galerie RX


Le terrain de tous les possibles | Solo Show Future Fair New-York

Le terrain de tous les possible, personal exhibition originally planned for Future Fair 2020, New York.


Artist whose works navigate between several mediums such as textiles, paper, wood, photography, ... Joël Andrianomearisoa draws his inspiration from space, time, in Madagascar and in the World.

The black is iconic of the artist universe of Joël Andrianomerisoa. With its power of a profound fascination, it invites the viewers into a Madagascan night, when it is unfathomable, sublime and inexpressible. 

On the other hand, behind this elusive labyrinth of blackness that he constructs, Joël Andrianomerisoa also searches for a structure, a way through which he is able to transcribe his emotions: the monochrome unveils the beauties of an empty inner abyss, as well as the depths of a nostalgia.